Could Morrissey be Bigmouth?

No matter how hard I try, Peanut just doesn’t like The Smiths. So I don’t play them. Yesterday I had a chance to listen to them after a long while so I started analyzing every song (it was a long drive.. what can I say).

Suddenly, “Bigmouth Strikes Again” came on with it’s high-pitched back-up singing and I thought that it sounded a lot like the Smurfs. Then it hit me.. Bigmouth.. Smurfs. Bigmouth.. Smurfs. Morrissey…Bigmouth!
Remember Bigmouth from the Smurfs? Notice a resemblence?


Alright.. so it’s not that close of a resemblance, but they are similar.  I love Morrissey and I love the Smurfs so I’m pleased as punch!


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