Creation vs Evolution

We just got back from the Salvation Army’s Spring Fling. They had some ponies there that you could pet so I thought it’d be great for Peanut to see them for the first time.
In order to pet the ponies you had to listen to “a story” about Jesus. My hubby had a grin on his face the entire time because he’s athiest and I’m pagan so this makes an interesting conversation. The guy said that some people believe in the Big Bang and isn’t that ridiculous? God created us and the world and evolution is a bunch of bull.
Once we got the tickets, petted the horsey, and got back into the car.. hubby said something interesting.
“I thought all people who believed in God believed he created the Big Bang?” I told him they believed he created the world and everything in it. He said, “Yea.. but did it just appear or did it go BANG!” I said I didn’t know.

Plus, how do Christians discredit evolution? Do they think God created us as we are now? How do people explain cavemen and their tools? How old do they think the world really is? How do they think about science proving some of these things? I wish I knew a priest that could answer all of this for me.. maybe you know some of these answers?

Czech word of the day: God/buh (Hubby said it’s not capitalized)


4 thoughts on “Creation vs Evolution

  1. At one time I would have said I knew the answers to your questions regarding Christian beliefs about creation. As for evolution, I believe my current stance is that evolution within species; possible, evolution of new species, scientifically impossible. But what do I know? ;>)

  2. That’s the thing, though, those who don’t hold evolution to be true either:
    * Don’t understand it at all.
    * Have a weird understanding of it, such as that man came directly from apes (which is surprisingly common).

    Evolution, however, is as proven as any scientific finding can be. It’s like trying to disprove gravity.

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