I’m an 80s child..

gummi_bears.jpgI’m 100% an 80s child and apparently I fall into the same category as other 80s children when I say that I miss cartoons that were on TV at the time. I think there’s a lot of crap on TV now (both for adults and for kids) and I’m nostalgic about bouncing bears, brightly colored sprites, and a couple of chipmunks.
When I was pregnant I became obsessed with finding those lost cartoons of my childhood days. I was driven to build a quality cartoon database before our child was even born, I swore to myself that she’d have nothing but good shows to watch that Mommy wouldn’t mind sitting along side of her watching also.
So who did I find?

David the Gnome.. I have the entire series of it. I’m tickled to pieces that Peanut enjoys watching it too.
Gummi Bears.. The DVDs came in yesterday! Peanut already hums to the theme song. We watched an entire DVD of it yesterday. You can get them from Amazon.
Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers.. This was hubby’s favourite as a kid so I surprised him with this Volume 1 set. Also Amazon
Rainbow Brite.. I got the movie, but Peanut won’t be watching this for a long while because I hadn’t realized that it’s a bit dark. She got a little shaken just watching the beginning.. so this will be shelved for now.
Care Bears.. We’re talking old school Care Bears.. not the new CGI bears who’s belly expand and contract from breathing.
Arabella.. Czech fairytales about fairytale land, a king, a few bad guys, and a princess who falls in love with a human from the regular world.
Krtek.. I spoke of him before. He’s a little Czech mole that really shows kids the beauty of trial and error.
Strawberry Shortcake.. I’m having a hard time finding the original Strawberry Shortcake. All I can find is hipster, capri-wearing Shortie and I’m not liking it. I want the original. Wow I sound like a cranky senior citizen.

Currently I’m on the hunt for Shirttails and The Wuzzles. If I can find David the Gnome, then I can find these guys too. I told my mom that soon Peanut and I will have our own Saturday morning cartoons, staying in our PJs til noon, and eating cereal for lunch. Somethings you never out grow..
By the way.. you can always walk down memory lane with a lot of these websites. Retrojunk and 80s Cartoons Central. You can also see The Snorks on the Boomerang station.


23 thoughts on “I’m an 80s child..

  1. I’m pretty sure they still have Wuzzles on. But I don’t know. A lot of those shows sound the same to me.

    I’ve never seen any of the ones you mentioned. I always hated cartoons. I didn’t start watching them until the boy knew how to work the remote. Before that, I had the cartoon channels deleted from the memory of the TV so it wouldn’t show those channels when I was just surfing.

    Might be why he had a slight British accent when he first started speaking, LOL. (We watched a lot of PBS.)

  2. LOL That’s awesome! Thanks Gabrielle! I’m 96% 80’s child. I think the only thing I failed is my mom didn’t wear shoulder pads, she hated the dumb things. ๐Ÿ™‚
    As for Care Bears… I’d be Tenderheart ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Where can you buy the “Arabella” movie? I loved it, watched it as a child in Romania in the 80s, now I’d like to find it for my kids…

      • Hi Klara,
        I really loved Arabela and 80’s kids tv series, can you tell me where can I find the DVD’s. If you still have it please reply. Thank you. Ogii

  4. Hi there
    I have been looking for Arabella Tv series for a while, but I wasn’t lucky. I have a three-year old daughter, we live in Canada, and I would like her to watch some of the movies and cartoons that delighted me as a child in Romania. Please let me know where I can get the Arabella movie. Thanks. Ioana

  5. hello,I am looking everywhere for Arabella movie…I am russian , I’ve seen that movie once when I was a kid and I am still in love with it:) please,could someone help me to find it for my little daughter.many thanks: yasmin-indira@mail.ru

  6. heya all !
    i too love arabela ! i have finally got my hands on it with great difficulty in a box series from a czech site (www.dvdedice.cz) i had it sent to my grandma who lives there and then she sent it to me . there is another website that you can download from especially you indira as it is a russian site and i think they also subtitle or overdub in russian i think the name was “rarbg” or maybe “rardg” it has been awhile but i can get back to you guys abit it in abit!
    yaya for the 80’s
    hugs kat

  7. I am from Bulgaria and I grew up watching Czech TV series. I loved them and still remember some of them. Where can I find Arabela on DVD with English subtitles?

  8. well we all miss our golden oldies i also love the gummi bears ,i made it my mission to make my own catoon colection so i can enjoy it with my girls, i have two daughters they both love my colection ,that is our little tradition that started with me.

  9. Hi
    I grew up in Croatia and remember watching Arabela. I loved it. There was also another show and I can only vaguely remember it. Something about an old guy who used to bet on horses and some people from outer space ( I think ) with special powers. I remember a scene where they were staying in a hotel and just used to throw out their clothes everyday and conjure up some more. Does anyone remember this one? I’m not sure if this one was Czech though.

  10. wow, i have been looking for Arabela hoping to find some link to download or so. I am from Mongolia and me too 80’s child and loved Arabela and many other children’s series. Does anyone know of sites either in English or Russian where i could find Arabela?

  11. Hi, trying to find a name of a 80’s czech kids show. I vaguely remember the show, but do remember the opening title music. I think it was about a group of kids going on outdoor adventures….i know its a slim description, buts that all i remember…if anyone has any idea..would luv to know the title of the show. thanks!

  12. I have also been looking for the complete czech tv series of Arabela, my boy watch clips on you tube and he loves it. Do anyone know where I could buy the complete series on dvd?? or anyone who has the complete set and could make me copies, I am happy to pay of course.

  13. Dear Sueczech. I am trying to remember this chidlren tv show about 3 fairytale characters as a witch, dwart and giant man become alive and it ended up the giant man and witch became nice people and the the dwart dies or something. There is also a tv show about an aliens girl does not know what a tear is and she learned later how to cry so on. What are the name of the shows, please?

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