The beauty of krupice

UPDATE: If you came to find out how to make krupice.. go here to that post.

We love krupice in this house (also called krupicka) it’s basically semolina. Think you’ve never heard of semolina? Ah but you have.. check your box of pasta and you’ll see that it’s made from semolina. Krupice is semolina but I think it’s a finer grain of it.. at least when we buy it from the Czech store it tastes different than if we bought it from the Indian store.

To make krupice you heat up milk and sugar and pour the krupice in there. Once it becomes kind of thick you pour it on your plate and cover it melted butter, cocoa powder, and confectionery sugar. It sounds strange, but it’s so addicting.

Hubby said that kids typically eat this, but we eat it if we get the munchies late at night.

Czech word of the day: today/dnes

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