Back to Czech


Well.. it’s official, we’re going back to Czech early September. Hubby will be coming with us because I told him it’s as much of a vacation as it is visiting family. Frankly, I loved walking around with him at night and going to the pubs. Sometimes we’d walk a mile or so to get a gyro at midnight and stroll hand-in-hand through the old city streets and chat about the future.

What wife wouldn’t like that? So I told him we’ll just live tightly until we go to be sure we have enough money in the bank for him to miss 3 weeks of work. It’s worth it. I want him by my side.. not only to help translate but because I like having him around, and I want to fool around on a park bench in the city square. 🙂

I have to admit that I’m really excited to return. So now.. I have to start my Czech word of the day back up, take a crash course in it, and lose 10lbs. That’s not much eh?


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