PhotoHunt 53: Hobby

My hobby is reading..



19 thoughts on “PhotoHunt 53: Hobby

  1. That reminds me of how much I used to love to read until I started spending all my time blogging! I gotta do like Bobbie and get off this computer and pick up a book once in awhile!

  2. Reading and gardening… I like both of those too… It is nice to have the books all out where you can get to them. Have a great hunt!

  3. Reading is a great hobby!
    I love reading too! But i borrow them from libraries most of the time! haha

    Have an enjoyable weekend!
    Mine’s up too!

  4. My books are in boxes too at the moment. We will be moving into our new home in a few weeks and I cannot wait to get all my books out and back in the bookcase. Happy weekend.

  5. One of my hobbies is reading too! 🙂

    I might have more books than I have items of clothing, LOL.

    I wish my love of reading would rub off on The Boy….

  6. ooh. nice picture. i’ve never been really good at reading.. i get too discouraged when i read so slowly.. so i tend to not read “for fun” .. and only when i have to.

  7. Hey, I noticed some books on that shelf that are on mine too! Cool! One of my many hobbies is reading too, and I really need to do more of it! Great photo for the theme!

  8. I see you have a copy of Winnie the Pooh…yeah, that made me laugh. I read those stories, really liked them. Also, my little sister really likes Ayn Rand–I’ve been meaning to read “The Fountainhead” but haven’t got around to it. Hear it has some really good ideas.

    If you looked on my bookshelf, you’d find a lot of Orson Scott Card, several jujitsu books, al-Kitab al-Muqdis (The Holy Bible in Arabic), Flow, The World and the Prophets, Podcasting for Dummies…bunch of random stuff.

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