Random things

There’s no new news here, but a few random things I think are funny or interesting.

Part of my Czech sayings list is to be updated:
– When Peanut trips or falls belly down hubby says “Did you catch the rabbit?”

I visited my mom this week for Easter (hence lack of updates) and we watch the local news and on there is this weather guy who wears the same beige pants all the time. Beige pants and navy blue jacket. He’s worn it for years now.. well suddenly he wore navy blue slacks, to which my mom says “Must be his birthday”.

13 Shows That Should Have Never Been Canceled
The Strangest Movie Videos of All Time

Check back on Monday because I plan on running a contest here.. 🙂

One thought on “Random things

  1. Maybe it was his birthday! Your mom is so funny!

    13 shows: Freaks and Geeks was awesome!!!! And I also like Undeclared too. Still angry that those two were canceled so soon!

    I am not surprised that Aphex Twin is all over and #1 on the strangest video list. Freaky stuff!

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