Oh the things I learned this week!

emo-hc.jpgMy 18yr old nephew is here with us for the week. I thought it’d be nice to give him a little vacation from his parents and siblings and to join his favourite aunt and uncle (and cousin) on his spring break. Things haven’t ended up as they planned, but I’m learning a lot from him and I’m also amazed at how such a cool guy he is. I even think my hubby is surprised considering that he still sees my nephew as the 10yr old he was first introduced to.

He’s not 10 anymore, he’s a 6’1″ 18yr old kid that looks a little like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. I swear he does. Anyways, we learned a lot from him this week, including:

– Watching Winnie the Pooh with Peanut; “Eeyore is emo” my nephew says, to which I reply “What’s emo?”. That’s when he hits youtube to show me all these things on emo and also sending me wiki articles about it. Ah.. that’s emo. So now me and hubby are calling each other emo, putting our bangs over one eye, and deciphering Fall Out Boy, much to the chagrin of my nephew.
Free running is basically what they did in the beginning of Casino Royale (the Daniel version). I had no idea that this was even a sport (or hobby?)
– He re-introduced me to Ill Will Press and Foamy
– I forgot I owned the original soundtrack to The Crow

We’ve had a good time this week and so did Peanut. She’s never been out so much in one week.. I’m not sure what she’ll do next week when things return to the turtle speed we typically run at.

Also, I signed up for this Presto contest (which my mom would benefit from) and this is an obligatory post about it.


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