One new word and the garage sale

The garage sale was pretty successful. I made $55 and got rid of a lot of baby clothes and toys, so now we have room for more stuff! Naah. We don’t buy a lot of clothes for Peanut and in all honesty, she doesn’t have many toys. I just wanted to do a little spring cleaning and make some money.

Some interesting things of note though:

1) Don’t give me $100 bill when you’re buying $2 worth of items.
2) Don’t negotiate with me on .50
3) I don’t do well with small talk.
4) People will indeed buy almost anything. One guy bought a paper towel holder that had no screws, no attachements, and I can only blame Kristen for it being there.
5) If the $1 coffeemaker doesn’t work, we don’t have a return policy.

In other news.. I learned a new Czech word, albiet a dirty one, but it’s still progress! The word is: šmatá and it means a girl who is nasty, dirty, and you wouldn’t want to see her nether regions. Now this is coming from my hubby who is notorious for fooling me with words, so maybe his definition isn’t right on target.
I asked him if it was like our word “slut” and he said no, sluts are usually pretty. So there you have it folks… šmatá (pronounced shm-a-tah).


5 thoughts on “One new word and the garage sale

  1. I totally forgot about that word! I don’t think he’s ever heard it before. He just learned raunchy the other day. My goodness we have terrible conversations in this house. 🙂

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