Our Nursing Home Adventure

toy_grandma.gifI had to do some work for an Alzheimer care facility near me and I absolutely fell in love with the residents there. It’s funny how all of this came about because I was just saying to myself that I should really volunteer somewhere.

With that being said.. we have an entertaining toddler. She loves to sing, dance, and basically put on a performance. So the hamster begins to run on his wheel in my mind and I come up with the brilliant idea for Peanut and I to volunteer our time at this facility during their activity time. Peanut can socialize, the residents love babies, and I can feel like I’m contributing to a good cause. For the extra fun of it, I invited our friends Kristen and her daughter to join along.

The activity director kept saying “Once I do this, then the girls can do their thing.” We’re thinking, what thing? After the director was done we entered the large room where everyone was sitting around and of course the girls got shy. It’s to be expected. The director seemed to have understood this, but then said after their snacks the girls can sing and dance.

What? They’re not circus monkeys. They’re 2yr olds who happen to love to boogie to their ABCs. They don’t dance on command, they dance because they’re compelled to do so. The director soon found this out for herself. The girls were very good, didn’t dance.. didn’t sing.. but they shook a lot of hands, waved hi, and giggled a lot.
Unfortunately, these are Alzheimer patients, so I have no idea if they’ll even remember her tomorrow, but at least we made them happy for today. That’s what matters.

We won’t be volunteering there often… I was wrong for thinking Peanut was ready for this. I’m just a proud Mama who wants to share her daughter’s talent. Lesson learned.


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