Some Czech sayings

My hubby sure comes out with some doozies. I have to remember most of what he says so this will be an ongoing post. Here’s a few:

“Don’t worry, it’ll stop hurting before you get married” – When I stub my toe or something like that
“Pretty knows pretty” – meaning a pretty person can identify another pretty person.
“You invite your friend for lunch and your enemy for dinner” – Lunch is the big meal in Czech, not dinner.
“One fart is better than one hundred doctors” – He says his babicka always told him this.
“They buried their last barking dog many years ago” – This is what he calls of small towns.

6 thoughts on “Some Czech sayings

  1. those are funny. They’ve got a few funny one’s here in Canada or translated from Quebequois to English…

    (I lived in Prague for a month by the way in May 2002 for TEFL)

  2. Actualy, that saying about dinner is strangely not about how big dinner or launch is, but about health – it’s “Eat ALONE in the morning, SHARE your lunch with friend and GIVE dinner to your enemy”. So basicaly don’t eat so much in the evening…

  3. I stumbled on this entry while looking for a different old Czech saying of my grandma’s, but my grandma would always say “it’ll stop hurting before you get married”. I didn’t know it was a Czech thing, I thought it was just something she said.

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