Garage sales are depressing

2006_04_garage_sale.jpgFriday I’m holding my very first garage sale alone. Usually I sell with a friend, but we now have our own house and it’s time to break it in. I’ve been preparing for this weekend for a few months. We have an overflow of things we don’t need and I’m not pack-rattish enough to keep all of it.
It wasn’t always depressing. As a kid we’d have neighborhood sales and the vending trailer guy would sell hot dogs, music would be playing, everyone would have balloons, and all of us kids would play in the street. It turned depressing whenever it was our stuff, our history, and my job to do the entire thing.

I went through all of Peanut’s baby clothes and I’m selling a ton of it. It breaks a mama’s heart to see her little girl grow up and not be able to wear all those cute little dresses anymore, or those little rompers that fit when she was a few months old. After picking my heart up off the floor, now comes the daunting task of pricing everything. And you know people rarely settle for the first price they see. They negotiate. At a garage sale. Lady, the thing is $.50 and you’re asking if I’ll take a quarter for that? No. Just out of principle.. no. I price things reasonable, I don’t go overboard with it expecting people to negotiate. In general, I don’t like talking to people so I give them as little reason as possible to speak with me. Pick out things, pay them, and leave. How hard is that?

I think Friday I’m going to blast some music, fix myself a big pot of coffee, bake some muffins, and give the air just a little smell of festivities. It’s the only thing I can do to look forward to the big day.

As for hubby.. he doesn’t understand garage sales in the least bit because apparently they just don’t have these type of things in Czech. You only buy what you need and can use, if you have no use for it anymore you pass it to family or a neighbor. They don’t waste things over there. I’m reminded of my mother-in-law who has these beautiful pots and pitchers on top of a shelf. I thought they were for decoration, but she actually uses it. It struck me as interesting because in America we’d buy it for display only.. over there they buy it for use and they incorporate it into their decor.


4 thoughts on “Garage sales are depressing

  1. I live in an apartment complex and once a summer all the people who want to participate have a yard sale. It’s great!

    When Evan was a baby I got his whole winter wardrobe the first year for $20!! These people apparently are willing to spend more money on clothes that their kids will outgrow than I am. (Baby Gap, etc.)

    I will not have a yard sale on my own, though. Too much work!

  2. Sue,

    This is a very nice blog. I like the architecture photos. I studied architecture, and am a home building/remodeling contractor.
    I hope you don’t mind if I add a link to your blog on mine.

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