Famous Czech People

I’ve had more Czech posts this week than I have since I started this thing. So why the sudden flux? I’ll be returning to Czech soon enough.. without my husband. We can’t afford a 3 week stay in Czech and him not working. The grandparents must see our Peanut, they’re so darn cute when they have her. So I have to go alone.. with Peanut…

So I’m brushing up on my Czech history, culture, and language. I’ll try to make it fun and interesting because otherwise, I’ll become bored and fall asleep. Here’s a list of famous Czech people that Americans would know of…

Franz Kafka – You know.. I have to say that I did read The Metamorphosis, but not enough for me to really dive into his history. But Prague sure loves him, his stuff can be found everywhere over there.
Milos Forman – I spoke of him before here. He directed The People vs. Larry Flynt
Jagr and Hasek – Super-duper hockey players!
Antonin Dvorák – Composer

There’s that female tennis player, some Nobel Peace winners, and the playwright made into a president. Other than that, this is about it. There’s a lot of famous Czech people that other Czechs or even Europeans would know, but very little that Americans would recognize.


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