“Photo Hunt 49: Drink”

Ah… nectar of the Gods.. We bought this in Prague. Yes, it’s Absinthe and I can’t release how I got it here in the States. 🙂


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14 thoughts on ““Photo Hunt 49: Drink”

  1. Welcome to the photo hunt. Is this stuff green? I know nothing about alcoholic drinks but that is certainly a unique picture on the front of the bottle label.

  2. Yes, Absinthe is naturally green, and it’s still banned here in the United States because it’s claimed to be psychoactive and addicting, maybe it was one day.. but not today I don’t think. When I drank that stuff I didn’t see pink elephants. 🙂

  3. absinth, a mysterious drink for me! have yet to try it

    ps. saw Betty at the side bar, ha i just finished watching some recorded episodes..cool girl!

  4. All I know about Absinthe is that Claudia gave it to some street urchins in “Interview with the Vampire” and then gave the urchins to Lestat to drink and he got really sick and had to live in the swamp for a while….

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