Children’s programming that won’t make you gag

I work from home so there are times that the TV is the babysitter, but for the most part Peanut and I are watching TV together. Which means I’m watching all those crazy kid programs. Since I’m the parent, I control what she watches. If I don’t like the program.. then we don’t watch it. Period.
With that being said.. here are some quality programs that we both like to watch:

  • Sesame Street – You can’t go wrong with this timeless classic. Somehow they keep it fresh after all these years and when you laugh at their comedy you and your kid are laughing for entirely different reasons. It’s fun and interactive.
  • Pingu – It’s a penguin family that doesn’t speak English, just gibberish. Peanut loves it and I find it kind of cute. Plus, this is the only show that she’ll laugh at.
  • Krteček – Czech children’s cartoon starring a little mole. People in their late 20s, early 30s should remember a program on Nickelodeon called Pinwheel. Krytek was featured there often. I fell in love with Czech way before I met my husband.
  • Noddy – A little toy in Toy Town makes mistakes and corrects them. The music is cute and the CGI’s are pretty good.
  • Jakers – Mel Brooks lends his voice to a sheep for this show with Irish characters. Good CGI and lovable characters.
  • Basically anything on PBS Sprout -The only show I don’t care for too much is Calliou and Barney. She loves Barney because of the music so sometimes we’ll catch it on the tube but I usually have the TV turned off before then. Calliou is a whining 4yr old that gets under my skin.
  • Jane and the Dragon – I brought this up before.. so just read that post.
  • Care Bears – Love, love, love them. But only the older episodes… which I bought on VHS and DVD.
  • Smurfs -Heh.
  • Bobby’s World – Remember that show? It’s now shown on the TV station Kabillion and also viewable online.

Did I miss some? Do you have some favourites? I’d love to hear about them!

pingu.jpg jakers.jpgnoddy.jpgkrtek03.jpgcarebeardnnp.jpg5815310sesamestreetmural-small_small.jpg604413.jpgjane1.jpgsmurfs.jpg


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