The multifaceted personality

There was an article I read about some time ago about women having more than one online profile. Whether it was to suit the divisions of her personality or even to suit her mood, they had more online personalities than men did. I totally fell into that category. When I first came online I had online profiles for every mood I was in: romantic, melancholy, depressed, elated, etc.. I honestly had about 6 different email accounts and multiple screen names. And on each of those accounts I had different types of friends. Neurotic I know. But that was a crazy time in my life…
Rather than having multiple online personalities, I’ve grown up to just have different sets of friends. Some friends I’m closer to than others because they satisfy more than just one side of me:

  • The Shopper, happy, boob-job, gossip-reading, shopaholic – I can indulge in my guilty pleasure of reading gossip columns with her and also she’s a great shopping buddy. She’s very honest with me if something doesn’t flatter my figure.
  • The Mommy, crafty and witty, very open about sex life – She’s my cool Mommy friend, her daughter and mine get along fabulously. Plus, we can talk openly about anything and I’m not uncomfortable with her. She’s funny and makes people feel comfortable around her.
  • The Butch Lesbian, clever, strong business-mind – I get all my gay culture from her, she has her finger on that pulse and passes the info along to me. If I have any sort of business question, I go directly to her.. she knows it all.
  • The Crazy, paranoid, neurotic, and interesting to talk to – I call her when I need to feel normal. After a conversation with her, all is right in my world.
  • The Gamer, tech-savvy, complete geek, huge gamer, strange humour – She’s single, so she has all this time to play video games and I love to hear about all those adventures because I have no time for such things. She sends me all the funny links, says “teh internets” and is a joy to be around.

And then there’s Carmen.. she has a lot of these traits (except she’s not a lesbian or neurotic). Let’s just say that when LM Montgomery wrote Anne of Green Gables she spoke of “kindred spirits”.. Carmen is definitely my kindred spirit.

Wow that post ended up longer than I thought it would. So as a reward for reading the entire thing, here’s some link goodies:

Volkswagon Beetle Mods – What can be done with a Beetle?
Eats, Shoots & Leaves Punctuation Quiz
Jelly Jumper game

2 thoughts on “The multifaceted personality

  1. You knew I’d love those beetle mods! Those were awesome!

    It is very interesting how we satisfy the different sides of us.

    Ya know, I could be a lesbian or a neurotic if you want me to! Only for you though. 😉

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