PETA and fish banning

I’m not making this up. PETA is calling for a ban of fishing, saying that we’re hurting fish just as much as dogs and cats. Fish are animals too. If they get funding for this through Fish Empathy, then we’ll begin to see it on billboards, radio/tv ads, and in print. Oi vey!

I can understand fighting for an end to the abuse of animals, but they’re friggin fish. FISH. Why don’t they put all these federal monies to good use such as… stop animal testing? helping poor people neuter pets? help fund no-kill rescue shelters?
I don’t wear fur or leather, I buy free range meat when I can (when we can afford it), and I do my best to help animals. I think I do my part. But to fish no more? Granted I hadn’t done it in the past, but I think I’m going to go buy a fishing pole just to spite them. (I’ll throw the fish back though, I don’t like seafood.. blech). Just because I’m not a fan of fishing doesn’t mean that I want to stop others from enjoying it. Many a father and son talks were held during fishing trips. How else will rednecks bond?

I’m making a prediction right here and now. Pretty soon they’re going to discover that vegetables have feelings, and then they’re going to be fucked. Vegetables are considered to be a source of prana (term meaning “breath of life”) and we in turn also have prana. So doesn’t that mean because we share the same life that they’d feel pain too? So PETA, maybe the A will have to stand for avocados soon…

In my search for an article to show the vegetables/prana link… I stumbled upon this. A Yahoo question posed on why is it ok to eat vegetables? Also.. the Vegetable Rights Institute

3 thoughts on “PETA and fish banning

  1. On my Tuesday Tackle, I took my son to a local historical landmark.

    It was about Native Americans.

    ANYWAY, the tour guide said that they found skeletons of people from the Archaic Era (7000 to 500 B.C.) that lived to be up 58 years old. That’s great, considering most of those people died early (compared to those of us living now).

    He said it was probably due to their eating meat!

    And I’m not giving up shrimp.

    PETA is a PITA.

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