The Teletubbies debate

I am so sick of seeing this on boards that it’s not even funny. Moms who hate the Teletubbies so much that they put down other moms for letting their kids watch it. What the hell? Why would anyone care what I let my kid watch on TV? Last time I checked, she was my child… it’s what her birth certificate says at least.

They have this little banter every few months. Some mom feels guilty for letting their kid watch Teletubbies or Boobah and then the other moms feel the need to reply to that post saying how they’re creepy, scary, stupid, and “NOT allowed in my house!” Wow. I really wish you felt this way about other things, such as your child’s diet.

The Teletubbies were created by a company (2 guys mainly) that understand how children operate. Babies love the Teletubbies because they’re so exaggerated. They jump, dance, talk nonsense, and do things that babies do. Peanut identified with them and even interacted with them. She waves “bye-bye”, dances when they do, and acts surprised when they do something silly. I must be a terrible parent, aye? I let my child watch educational programs! Quick! Call DFACS!

Yea they look funny but I assure you.. they’re not demons, gay, or aliens. The people who made it weren’t on drugs, they were conscientious about babies and toddlers and that “weird” program gave me 30 minutes of “me” time when Peanut was 7 months old. It kept me sane.

5 thoughts on “The Teletubbies debate

  1. I had a ban on Barney when The Boy was a youngster. Just because I didn’t like him. Barney, not my son.

    I wish I could ban Spongebob! That show drives me UP THE FRIGGING WALL!!!! How can there be electricity underwater??? WHY does a sponge have a job??? (I could go on and on.)

    We never watched Teletubbies in my house either. But when Evan was a toddler, my SIL was my daycare, so she sat my niece and him in front of the TV to watch that show…

    I don’t think he’s been damaged by the experience.


  2. I used to dislike Teletubbies, but after my child was born, I understand the appeal. Now, when it comes to shows that are not played in our house, it is the Smurfs, Sesame Street and Barney! I do not care for them. Perhaps because I am a foreigner, their appeal is lost on me?

  3. We all love the Teletubbies in our house and none of us have gone mad! Although Spongefriggingbob does get on my last nerve with that bayayayayayayayayayayayayay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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