Those were the days…

I asked my hubby to watch Peanut for 10 minutes so I could take a shower this morning. While in the shower I realized how much I miss taking morning showers, so I thought of other things I missed since I’ve had Peanut.

  • Morning showers
  • Jumping out of the car and running into a store quickly. Now I jump out of car and into the backseat, put on Peanut’s socks and shoes because she took them off, find the dollie, double check I have the keys, find a buggy, put Peanut in buggy, and then run into the store
  • Being able to just travel somewhere because the wind carried me that way
  • Going to restaurants that don’t have children’s menus
  • Clean carpets and furniture
  • Being able to read for longer than 10 minutes at a time
  • Saying “yes” to going to places, parties, events, concerts without having to think if I can find a babysitter or if she can tag along
  • Staying in bed with hubby early, early in the morning and planning our day and maybe romping around *wink*

Things that make up for the things that I miss.. aka… things I would never trade for in all the world now that we got Peanut:

  • “I love you Mommy”
  • Morning chatter over a cup of coffee (for me) and a yogurt (for her)
  • Dance routines
  • Pretty pink little dresses, bows, glitter, feathers, and fun
  • “EW!!!! YUCK!!” in the middle of a crowded store
  • Nighttime cuddles and kissies
  • Finally having an excuse to be a grown adult and watch my favourite cartoons and having a partner watching Star Trek with me.
  • Having someone act exactly as you and your husband do and either laugh or be mortified.
  • Knowing that you brought someone into the world and that there’s a possibility she’ll help change it.
  • The capacity of love that I didn’t even know I had.

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