My Yummy Valentine

When it comes to holidays, I specifically name what I want. That way I spare hubby wandering around a store wondering what to get me. If I don’t say what I want.. I end up with things I don’t use or can’t wear. In the past he bought me clothes that are too small.. which is nice because he thinks I’m skinnier than what I am. Who can complain about that?
This year I asked for Choxie from Target. I love their commercials and their packaging, but I could never warrant buying a box of chocolates for myself. All the little chocolates were so cute sitting in their cubicles that I felt bad for eating them.
Either way.. for the price, I felt they were worth it. They’re yummy, look fancy, and a cheap alternative to Godiva.
Happy Valentine’s! And for others.. Happy Anti-Valentines!

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