An Open Letter to TBS

We have Comcast and their HD service because we have a plasma HD TV that we’re quite happy with. The problem is… we only have a few channels on this HD service because Comcast doesn’t carry all those that are available. Plus, we don’t have one of those Gold packages so we miss out on some. Not that it matters, as long as Ugly Betty and NCIS come in HD.. I’m pretty content.
However.. this is to TBS:

To whom it may concern:
Why do you have an HD channel when you air NOTHING that’s in HD? Thanks to Comcast we’re limited on what channels we have in HD and thanks to you, you’re wasting one of the only channels we have.
Either air something in HD.. or get off my HD.
Thank you.

You know.. I’ve emailed them multiple times, and I still have no response from them.


One thought on “An Open Letter to TBS

  1. i have comcast for cable as well…. and we too are frustrated by the lack of HD channels. we have the whole HD digital package and get all the premium movie channels just to have more in HD…. and it still isn’t enough. sucks.

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