Music Licensing 101

My hubby who made a remix of a very well popular song needs to obtain permission in order to sell that song on a CD, website, and other forms of media. Does this mean he’ll do it? No.. this means I get to do it. 🙂 Which I don’t mind because if it deals with paper pushing.. I’m SO there!

He sampled this well known song (contact me for details.. heh), and now in order to sell it through CDBaby.. I really should obtain permission. It’s the only fair thing to do. So I find the publisher info on ASCAP. From there I go to their websites to see if I can electronically get permission. That’s a no go. So I look up music clearance services… one in particular is ridiculously expensive and the other just doesn’t list the price. And then you see something like EMG that says on their page “Use a note and go to jail”. Well fuck me.
I’m just going to do it my own self. I know I can. I can be all professional and stuff. *snort*
But on my little travels of finding out how to go abouts on getting the “ok” from the head honchos.. I run across this poor guy. All he wanted was to license some time of a few movies for his home project.. HOME, as in no audience but him and his family.

Anyways.. I’ll keep my events updated. This should be fun. 🙂


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