Free International Calls?

Yes.. it’s true, you too can make almost free phone calls to 50 international countries, check out The only amount your charged is any long distance rate you would naturally incur by calling Iowa, because you’re calling Iowa who in turn calls the International number you want.
This article will explain why and how they do this.
Is it worth it? Well.. if you have free long distance then yes it could be worth it. However, if you have to pay then you could just use Jajah, which is free… or even Skype.
How do you get this free call?

  1. Dial 712 858 8094
  2. Enter 011, Country Code & Phone #
  3. Enjoy free phone calls.

We may be calling this soon because Hubby’s Babi just got out of the hospital after a bad attack of angina and heart failure. I don’t know if this means that we’ll be traveling to Czech sooner than I thought, but I know they want to see Peanut and well.. they aren’t getting any younger.


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