My Paris Hilton dream

Forgive me, but I had a strange dream about Paris Hilton last night. That’ll teach me to read gossip blogs before bedtime.
I dreamed that I was at a club with Eva Menendez, and Paris Hilton was on a stage in front of us. Just as she was dancing, some change and a piece of paper fell out from in between her legs, and she tried to pick it up. Luckily I wasn’t the one who picked it up (even in a dream I knew I could probably catch something from her! Ew!), but the girl who did noticed it was enough money to catch a cab out of the club. The piece of paper ended up being a business card to a lesbian tow truck driver. The card was one of those optical illusion things that when you turned it one way it showed the driver in the daytime and when you turned it the other way it was her at nighttime. Paris looked embarrassed and we all called the tabloids.
I had another dream too.. but my hubby was in it and well.. it’s for his ears only. *wink*


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