A few new shows

It’s rare that I actually sit and watch TV, but with Peanut’s recent insomnia I’ve been catching up on lost time. There’s been some new shows premiering this week that I was actually able to see. One was Knights of Prosperity and the other was In Case of Emergency. I didn’t like ICE and I’m not sure why. Hubby said it was the acting. I thought the acting was pretty good, but I just got bored watching it. To me, it wasn’t funny or interesting. Ah, well.
On the other hand there was Knights of Prosperity. I found myself grinning like an idiot through most of the show. I adored all the characters, the story (they’re going to rob Mick Jagger), and just the humour of it all. It’s like a blue collar Ocean’s Eleven.
Peanut’s new show is Jane and the Dragon. It was made in 2005, but we’re just now catching it. It’s about Jane who is training to be a Lady-in-Waiting except she’d rather be a knight, so she goes off to fight a dragon. However, she ends up making friends with the dragon and now they’re friends. When she returned she became a knight in training. The CGI is fascinating and the colours are phenomenal. I like watching it for the art alone, but the story itself isn’t half bad. She gets into trouble often, but she’s very honest about (knight’s honour you know) and things right themselves in the end.


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