Enter Sandman

My hubby loves to download random stuff, and tonight he downloaded karaoke songs. Now.. if you don’t know it my husband is a musician. So when he downloads karaoke, me and Peanut love listening to him sing. Peanut does her little spin dance and sometimes I join in with him on a song. When he sings, sometimes what he thinks are the lyrics are completely different or he just sings to the tune of words (if that makes sense). It’s like singing La Cucaracha, you know the tune so you throw in whatever Spanish you may know. Unless you’re Carmen.
So tonight he sang Enter Sandman by Metallica:

Say your prayers, little one
Don’t forget, my son,
To include everyone

Tuck you in, warm within
Keep you free from sin
Till the sandman he comes

“Oh! So that’s what it’s about!” he then said.
I just love him.

The song after that was Annicka-Dido. Let me quickly explain. Czech has their own version of American Idol, and it’s called Česko hledá SuperStar. The last season there was a girl on there named Annicka who sang “Thank You” by Dido. Not only did she sing off tune, but it’s like she didn’t even know the tune. Although the entire video is in Czech, it’s hilarious to watch the entire thing.

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