Christmas Baking and Justin Timberlake

Too bad the title isn’t Christmas Baking WITH Justin Timberlake..
Yes, I have a guilty pleasure. It’s Justin. Not so much his music, but him hosting SNL. SNL is another childhood favourite I never shook off, but I really indulge in it when he’s hosting. He really puts himself out there… far more than other hosts (except for Natalie Portman! Love her!)
Plus..the digital short he did was hilarious. Even my husband laughed! And it’s hard to make him laugh.. he more or less chuckles. Umm.. the tune is catchy… (you’re welcome!)

In mother news.. I baked. Peanut stole a lot of cookie mix, got flour on her face, licked my measure cup that I used for baking cocoa and went “NUMMY!”. Ugh. If you have her site.. I hope you check it out for yourself. She was a mess today. Had so much sugar she had no nap.

PS. A big thank you goes to Carmen for lunch yesterday! Biba’s was an excellent choice for a place to eat. 🙂


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