Sick baby and randomation

I had a sick Peanut yesterday and let me just tell you that it’s amazing what Mother Nature does. The things that come out of babies are pretty gross, but your concern for your child is so strong that it doesn’t phase you. Daddies gag, Mommies keep trucking. Peanut was so sick that her inner Kermit was summoned and her skin actually turned green.
She’s doing much better today and is currently walking around with Mickie and putting things over his head. I’m sure he’s terribly pleased that she’s all better… I know I am. 🙂

Just some random things to throw your way:

Matt Damon does a bang-up job on impersonating his friend Matthew McConaughy (via yesbutnobutyes)

Bzzzpeek – Sounds of animals and vehicles from around the world done by people in their native tongue. Dogs here in America say “Woof woof!” but in Czech they learn to say “Huff huff!” The same goes for cows.. ours say “Moo!” theirs say “Boo!”.

33 Things You Never Knew Had Names – and some Czech words to go along with that is Nedovtipa which means a person that can’t take a hint and Přesezený is to be stiff from sitting in the same position for too long

10 Most Bizarre People
– That just speaks for itself.


2 thoughts on “Sick baby and randomation

  1. I’m glad to hear that Peanut is feeling better today. Even with the pups, Manny refuses to pick up their puke. Guess there’s more of that to look forward to with babies.

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