Grey Gardens

I’m a HUGE fan of Grey Gardens. I’m not sure how I first heard about it.. but I had read it somewhere before seeing the movie. Suddenly, TMC aired the original documentary of it and I was giddy (giddy I tell you!).
Me and Peanut watched it the next day during nap time, and neither of us fell asleep. My Peanut is a film connoisseur much like her Mama. I fell in love with Little Edie (not so much Big Edie, she was scary to me) and her “revolutionary costume of the day”.
Recently they turned this documentary into a musical and put it on broadway… which if you see the video, isn’t half bad. They took all the footage of the
Maysles Brothers and stemmed from it a show that critics are loving.
But now… now… there will be a new remake starring Drew Barrymore as Little Edie and Jessica Lange as Big Edie. Which kind of scares me because, I love Drew, but her movies are hit and miss. Anyways.. it’s supposed to be the years leading up to the mother and daughter duo becoming recluses in their Long Island home that they shared with 52 cats, fleas, and vermin.

Czech word of the day happens to be Peanut’s new word for the day: delej! delej! Go! Go!

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