A little bit of this..

We had a super time yesterday even though it was a little bit packed. We had our lunch in a corner somewhere so the girls had room to move, they made sugarplum fairy crowns, and rode on a carousel. Oh, and we saw some decorated trees. All for a good cause too! 🙂

I’m really big into music videos. I have been since MTV first came out (I remember watching those first programming minutes too!) and I could recite every video, artist, and song. I was a source of entertainment and conversational piece to my sisters’ friends thanks to my elephant memory.
Where am I going with this? Oh.. yea.. Top 50 Music Videos of 2006

Over there on Ask Metafilter… the question was posed.. what does “The Pink One” really taste like? Well.. there’s no real intro I could give to that or a gentle way of putting it.. but some of the answers were pretty interesting. Although hubby laughed at the 9v comment, got quiet and then said “No, not a 9v”.

Habiq – Creating better habits that last, is a designless website that’s strong on content. It has some pretty good articles on habits, health, and some other stuff I don’t get too involved in. I like to live day by day… I could get hit by a Mack truck and then where does that leave me? It leaves me with my last meal being tofu with watercress. Blech.


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