Toys and questions

Here’s a list of the most wanted toys of 2006.. also known as the list of toys Peanut’s NOT getting this year.
The only one Peanut could really get (because of her age) is the TMX Elmo (Tickle-me-Elmo), Peanut seems to like Elmo, but Mommy doesn’t like Elmo enough to bring him into the home. She’ll have to settle for paperdolls. Cruel? Yes. But you have to realize that when you bring some of these toys into your home.. they become possessed. Her Leapfrog table goes off in the middle of the night, and it’s not just general noises.. it’s the noises produced when something is moved.

I got giddy when I saw the list of the most 25 important questions in the history of the universe (with answers). It’s from an article in Mental Floss.. a magazine I want a subscription to.

Czech word of the day: 3:15 tři patnáct (tree pahtnast) and a bonus word of the day is yes – ano (ahno)


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