What the world eats

Peter Menzel (Photographer) has taken a series of pictures from around the world of different families and what they eat in a week. The outcome was shocking to me (except for the Americans, that one didn’t surprise me). The text is in French but pretty self-explanatory. The series.

The Czech family home, I think would look like the German home featured there. They drink a lot of beer, wine, juices, water, fresh meat, fresh bread, and sauerkraut. I adapted pretty easily to eating there, and Martin stuffed himself. He looked like Brad Pitt in Ocean’s Eleven. Remember how he always eating or drinking something? That was my husband.


One thought on “What the world eats

  1. Wow that was very interesting. I noticed pizza was in both american families, of course. I also couldn’t help but notice Nutella in the french family’s diet. Same here. Mmmm.

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